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Powerful Results with Powerless Leadership

This is a key note that Balaji Pasumarthy gave at the BNI-BANG22 event.

Volunteers in organisations like BNI, Toastmasters, Rotary, Wikipedia, Linux, create Powerful Results. And they do this out of thier on volition. Is it possible to get the same energy among our teams in our businesses. Balaji gives examples of entrepreneurs he has mentored who implemented these concepts to get amazing results in their business. Balaji urges entrepreneurs to move their organisation design towards an open organisation structure to unleash the free will (Volition) of individuals in a team. When this happens people do work not because "they have to" but because "they want to", creating Powerful results. As business leaders we need to learn how to lead from trusting relationships rather than power. To get inspired action, one needs to become a Powerless Leader.

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