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Manifestations- INPERSON Workshop

How do you align your inner world with the outside world?

Have you positioned yourself in a way that capitalizes on your strengths?

Bring your vision to life

Get your personality in sync with your business. 
Your organisation emerges from you 
What are the core values that Drive me?
How do I make sense of it?
What is my natural wealth creation strategy?
There are 8 distinct ways to go about it
Am I in the right business?
What is the unique space
my business occupies
within the industry I operate in?
As an organization, what is our purpose?
Who do I need in my team to complement me, my strengths and weaknesses?
What kind of clients will/should we attract?
How does the organization reinvent itself organically in the future?
What is the blueprint to scale?
Learn how to bring your calling to life

Attend the IN-PERSON Workshop, conducted by
Balaji Pasumarthy

There's no better way to learn than to engage.
That's why LEC (Liberated Enterprise Creators) Workshops are designed to be interactive and lively, prompting learning and discussion through case studies, reading material and videos. 
The vibrant sessions have staggered breaks to allow for rest and reflection. 

31 MAY 2024- May - 10AM to 5PM


Manifestations Registration

Over 200 Entrepreneurs are already Liberating themselves and their organisations by adopting these practices

LEC is a self managed, evolving movement of Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Organisation Development Professionals on a mission to unleash the full potential of people in the workplace

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