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Our Story

Balaji Pasumarthy, Founder- LEC
After graduating from IIT-Madras and 
IIM-Bangalore, Balaji began his first job at a
large, reputed multinational company...
...only to find himself feeling trapped, demotivated and sapped of energy. There had to be a better way

Thus began 29+ year long journey as an entrepreneur and a quest to build Liberated organisations.
He has since implemented his concepts on a variety of ventures, each guided by his philosophy and principles.

He is the owner of Golden Square Offices, which has provided Joy at Work to 3000+ companies through Serviced Private Offices in 5+ locations in Bangalore with and a team of 45+.
Golden Square Logo Artwork 07-01-16.png
He is also is a founder  of BNI-Bangalore,
a referral business network that operates on trust. 
Starting from scratch he and his partners built a team of 140+ business leader volunteers who self organize, support and launch chapters. In 2022 Dec when he handed over BNI Bangalore, it had around 2500 members and 70+ chapters. Making BNI Bangalore one of the largest "BNI Cities" in the world, larger than most countries. It is this voluntary action that Balaji says we need to ignite in our teams across organisations.
Creating a Practical and Proven way
Curious entrepreneurs wanted to know how Balaji was able to manage so many projects and still be able to focus on what matters. 
He began sharing his approach merely through word of mouth but as more and more people began to apply his techniques, it turned into a movement.
Liberated Enterprise Logo ARTWORK (Colou
This led to the creation of Liberated Enterprise Creators LLP- a way to provide a structured approach to Liberating Organizations. 

Till date, over 300+ entrepreneurs and business leaders have benefited from self driven, motivated teams through LEC practices. 
The Intent:
 Creating Liberated Enterprises
These concepts are not unique to LEC. Similar organizations are called 'Teal Organzations' etc.

LEC has made these practices practical and actionable. We believe that in 3 decades, most organizations in the world will be Teal. We aim to enable this transition as pioneers and experts. 
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