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Methods- Workshop

Success lies in the environment created between people in an organization
Where one is able to effectively communicate, coordinate and take decisions
Learn how to create a LIBERATING environment for your team
Learn the key 'METHODS'
to Create a Space where:
Your TEAM is self organizing and internally motivated
TEAM members are adept at communicating and collaborating with each other
Individuals are not afraid to ask for and offer help, advice and unique perspectives
Conversations with and among TEAM members are geared towards
maximum effectiveness and productivity
Individuals OWN responsibility
rather than OWE responsibility

Attend the Workshop, conducted by
Balaji Pasumarthy

There's no better way to learn than to engage.
That's why LEC (Liberated Enterprise Creators) Workshops are designed to be interactive and lively, prompting learning and discussion through case studies, reading material and videos. 
The vibrant sessions have staggered breaks to allow for rest and reflection. 

26Jul- Friday - 10AM to 5PM

Methods Session conducted IN PERSON in BANGALORE:

Methods Registration
Learn how to bring your calling to life

Over 200 Entrepreneurs are already Liberating themselves and their organisations by adopting these practices

LEC is a self managed, evolving movement of Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Organisation Development Professionals on a mission to unleash the full potential of people in the workplace

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