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Mindset Workshop

Looking to LIBERATE your enterprise? 
Meaningful change begins with the right set of beliefs and values.​
But what are they? How can you adopt them?

Learn the key 'mindsets' to:

LIBERATE yourself as an Entrepreneur

"The business owner works on the business; not in the business".

Create a lifestyle where you have an abundance of time, resources and wealth. 

LIBERATE your Team Members

Create an environment that encourages colleagues to be self driven, internally motivated and engaged- Team Members will find pride in their work and organisation.


Create a culture that allows for productive 'self-organizing teams', capable of making educated decisions that benefit everyone.

LIBERATE your Organization

Design your organization such that your colleagues, community and clients want to see it thrive. Have it be driven by a purpose and add value to those around you.

Learn how to bring your calling to life

Attend the INPERSON Workshop, conducted by
Balaji Pasumarthy

There's no better way to learn than to engage.
That's why LEAP training sessions are designed to be interactive and lively, prompting learning and discussion through case studies, reading material and videos. 
The vibrant sessions have staggered breaks to allow for rest and reflection. 


28 June 2024 Friday
11AM to 6PM in Bangalore

Online Zoom

4 Sessions, Every Monday
1st July to 22nd July
7PM to 8PM, India time
Mindsets Registration

Over 200 Entrepreneurs are already Liberating themselves and their organisations by adopting these practices

LEC is a self managed, evolving movement of Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Organisation Development Professionals on a mission to unleash the full potential of people in the workplace

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