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The Awesome feeling on discovering "Why you do what you do".

Updated: Mar 29

Chinmay Ananda embarked on a journey of self-discovery through the transformative Golden Vibe sessions offered by Liberated Enterprise Creators. These enlightening sessions enabled him to unearth the profound emotion that fuels his drive. The remarkable outcomes of these sessions inspired him to recommend them to his friends and spouse. Eventually, he even acquired the skills to facilitate the Golden Vibe sessions himself.

In the context of business, understanding your personal drive is not just important, it’s essential! Especially for an entrepreneur, the enterprise you’re building serves as a conduit for expressing the value you wish to impart to others. This value stems from what you deeply cherish and aspire to share with the world. This Emotional Value transcends your products or services; it encapsulates the feelings people experience when they engage with your enterprise.

Recognizing your Golden Vibe is the first step towards articulating what truly matters to you. This awareness shapes the kind of enterprise you’re building. With the power of clear articulation, various aspects of the business naturally align, paving the way for a harmonious and successful enterprise. Get more details here This was recorded at the LEC-LIGHTHOUSE EVENT in Feb 2024.

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