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Go forward in your
journey of enterprise creation by tapping into the
collective intelligence of a community of entrepreneurs.

Liberated Entrepreneur

Advisory Group

Harness the power of 'Collaborative Intelligence'
Who better to support you on your journey to a Liberated Organization than other like-minded entrepreneurs?
Embark on practical projects designed to to bring you closer to a Liberated Enterprise.
Actionable Tasks with Dynamic Individuals
A group of result oriented Business Leaders can provide varied and unique insights on creating liberated enterprises
A LEAG provides a structured and effective way
for entrepreneurs to support and advise
for breakthroughs and results 
Teams of 6-15 entrepreneurs meet once a month to contemplate challenges, brainstorm solutions and discover what's working
Take up LEAG projects- 
Actionable Tasks based on a repository of knowledge and practices that have worked before
Implement LEAG projects with the help of entrepreneurs who have successfully implemented them before
A Path for People fueled by Passion

Pay what you Please...

Joining a LEAG requires a nominal commitment fee of Rs.1500/-. It's liberated and accessible by nature.
If you find that being in a LEAG is beneficial for you and can benefit other entrepreneurs, you may contribute any amount that you like to help us keep the program running. With your help, we can continue creating liberated enterprises and together, transform the way organizations are built.   

Just make sure you've completed at least one of our following programs:- 
Mindsets, Methods or Manifestations, so that you get the most out of your LEAG. 

Find a Leag now and join the liberated Movement:

LEAG Registration

Over 200 Entrepreneurs are already Liberating themselves and their organisations by adopting these practices

LEC is a self managed, evolving movement of Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Organisation Development Professionals on a mission to unleash the full potential of people in the workplace

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