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LEADERSHIP for breakthrough Creativity

In this TED talk by Linda Hill, she shares what enables Pixar, Google etc. come up with highly creative solutions and tap into the creativity widely present in the team. It does need leadership, but not the kind the word typically conjures up. Its not about a leader having a grand vision and others following it, the leader here is a "Social Architect" creating a space where people want to belong and cocreate.

Spoiler Alert: Watch the video before you read on. Nice thoughts from the video: Bill Coughran then heading Google's Infrastructure, says, "I Lead a Volunteer organisation." Talented people don't want to follow me anywhere, they want to co-create the future, my job is to nurture the bottom up, and not degenerate into chaos. This needs the leader to be: A role model, a glue, a connector, an agreegator of view points, not a dictator of view points. Advise on how to exercise this role: Hire people who argue with you. Sometimes it is best to be fuzzy and vague. "I am not the visionary, I am the social architect." "Where I am creating a space where people are willing and able to share and combine their talents and passion." ---- Some thoughts from the LEC perspective on this video: The examples shared in the video is where within the typical Hierarchy by creating a safe space for sharing ideas one sees superb results. Its about reducing power, and a leadership which channelazes the energy from the bottom up. In LEC we have practices like "work sculpting" and "energy flow" which helps in tapping into the passions and talents of team members and alligning it to the work and opportunities happening. These tools can be applied irrespective of the organisation design. The next big change can happen with a change in the organisation design, which enables self organising. These thoughts are captured in this talk by Balaji Pasumarthy: Powerful results with Powerless Leadership

"Get highly engaged teams, by changing the organisation design and reducing the use of power."

Balaji Pasumarthy

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