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Management Thinkers Sharing the Frustration.

Frustration and anguish on the current state of management and unwillingness to change is shared by Gary Hamel, one of the foremost management thinkers and Eric Ries Author of the Lean Startup. Watch this Video:

Most people might not be able to relate to this discussion, the reason is the discussion is happening between Gary, Eric and another person, and they assume the audience knows the context.

Those of you regular in LEC will be aware of the context, that is the world has changed but we are still using the management principles which originated in the assembly line days.

The frustration expressed in the discussion is because the new way is known and is proven yet organisations mostly are reluctant to change because the old system and habits are entrenched. Gary of course says there are some notable exceptions like Haier and W. L. Gore & Associates.

They talk about a movement and being crusaders for the new way of doing things.

My take is with the LEC and the LEAGs we are actually making an impact in a large number of organisations. Because in LEC we are business leaders and entrepreneurs who can influence how our organisations ought to be run. We have that liberty to make change, while really large companies will find it very difficult.

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