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The Problem

A business leader’s dream is to have a team which is self managed and self driven. Yet reality is far from this, leaders are frustrated with teams not being engaged and retention rates are low and there is a lot of unhappiness among team members about their superiors and work. Leaders in turn need to spend a lot of energy and time to get their teams to get things done.

The Solution:

Self Driven and Self Managed Teams

Liberated Enterprise Creators believe that with the right Mindsets and Methods one can have teams which are self organising and self driven. These are proven Mindsets being practiced around the world and by the LEC team members in the organisations they run.


Most of the people issues that enterprises face is not because of the leaders or the people but practices that are based on an outdated understanding of work and what drives organisation and work. Once we get aware of these Mindsets and Methods it is fairly simple to have a self organising and self driven work culture

Creating a Liberated Enterprise

is a journey. 

Find out how to liberate yourself by creating self driven, self organizing teams for your business. 

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