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Can elephants dance?

Can large companies have self organising teams and transition from typical hierarchical structures? Here is an interview of the CEO of Michelin sharing how they are transforming for the better.

In LEC (Liberated Enterprise Creators) workshops, I share success stories of how several entrepreneurs have adapted the concepts shared in our workshops. The largest team that attributes their success to LEC program is around 200 people. So the often asked question is: can larger companies benefit as well? The answer is yes. This video has an amazing transformation story, with data on how teams that transitioned did much better than teams that did not. I had the privilege of doing a half-day workshop for the Michelin India team in 2018 on self-managed teams. Possibly, they were just rolling out these initiatives in India at that time. Gary Hamel & Michele Zanini have conducted this interview and here is the introduction as shared on youtube: Florent Menegaux is the CEO of Michelin, the the largest tyre maker in the world. Under the banner of Responsabilisation (French for “empowerment”), Michelin has dramatically increased the authority and accountability of its frontline workers, reversing automotive industry's decades-long trend of centralization. I would say, a must watch for all those with teams wanting much better outcomes.

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