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LEAP: Liberated Entrepreneurs Achievement Path

Entrepreneurship is possibly the only way you can create your own world.

Play by your own rules, set your own vision and create what you truly want.

And while you are giving shape to your dreams would it not be great if you and your team were Liberated in your Business?


Most entrepreneurs find that while they are building their enterprise, they are strapped for time, team members need constant supervision and without the entrepreneur things just do not seem to move forward. Entrepreneurs also feel alone in decision making and need a sounding board to get answers for situations where they feel stuck. LEAP is a program which provides a solution to help entrepreneurs be Liberated in business.


One other constraint Entrepreneurs especially Small and Medium Businesses have is that they are strapped for funds. Traditional process of giving advise through a coach or a mentor can be used once in a while and not always because the price and cost equations do not align. The expert’s time is expensive and the entrepreneur has only that much funds available. LEAP addresses this issue as well by making the experts time available to a group of entrepreneurs and using group mentoring to help address entrepreneur specific issues. LEAP provides an ongoing platform where your fellow entrepreneurs become your sounding boards.


Entrepreneurs need an edge over their competitors to thrive. While the entrepreneur might have an edge in terms of Technique, Technology and Relationships, LEAP provides you the edge on PEOPLE Capital. People employed in your organisations or your associates and partners. Are people truly engaged in your business? Are their personal passions, skills and talents aligned with the organisation’s purpose? Do your people take similar decisions as you might take when you are not around? Is it possible for you to take a month long vacation while your business is still growing without you? LEAP  provides the Mindsets and Methods needed for your team to be self driven and self organising in a simple and proven manner. LEAP provides techniques that forward looking pioneering organisations are already using around the world and this will become the norm possibly 30 years from now. As an entrepreneur you can start benefiting from these tools right away.

LEAP is an open program designed for Entrepreneurs and CXOs brought to you by Liberated Enterprise Creators LLP.

LED: Liberated Enterprise Design

We at Liberated Enterprise Creators (LEC) believe that just by changing the design of how people interact with each other and how teams are organised people can be a lot more engaged at work.


This design can be as simple as how teams communicate in groups, to how managers interact with their team members, leading to higher relatedness with work and with each other leading to overall satisfaction and results for all concerned.


A lot of time of managers and leaders is spent on making sure work gets done and people live up to the commitments made. The wish always is to get people who are self starters and self driven. LEC has proved practices which make the very same team self starters and self driven, liberating the leadership from supervisory tasks so they can do more meaningful and important work.


LEC’s team of Organisation Development experts and Coaches engage with Clients and design a program best suited to the organisations needs.


The solutions can be as simple as how to conduct meeting to as fundamental as how to design the organisation structure to get self organising and self driven teams.


The best way to understand more is to interact with one of our Consultants and learn more about how LEC is producing tangible results and creating Liberated Enterprises.

Certifications and LEC Practice

Are you  passionate about Liberating Enterprises? Would you like more people to be self driven and self organising at work and be liberated at work? Then join the team of Coaches, Organisation Development Experts and Mentors who are coming together under the LEC banner to together take these effective tools and practices to various enterprises.


We are creating a federated, truly Liberated Structure to take the best practices of LIBERATING teams to organisations. Each one of us like to work on our strengths and passions and together with others in LEC provide an impactful and lasting solution to Enterprises.


You can combine LEC modules along with any other work that you do and tools that you use. You can also create new modules in sync with LEC principles and practices. If you are in the journey of helping people enjoy their work and at the same time create an impact for their teams we would like to share your journey with us.


The best way for you to understand and appreciate what we are doing is to meet us. Do connect and let's explore if this is for you.

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