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Liberated Entrepreneurs Achievement Path


Entrepreneurship is possibly the only way you can create your own world.

Play by your own rules, set your own vision and create what you truly want.

And while you are giving shape to your dreams would it not be great if you and your team were Liberated in your Business?


Most entrepreneurs find that while they are building their enterprise, they are strapped for time, team members need constant supervision and without the entrepreneur things just do not seem to move forward. Entrepreneurs also feel alone in decision making and need a sounding board to get answers for situations where they feel stuck. LEAP is a program which provides a solution to help entrepreneurs be Liberated in business.


One other constraint Entrepreneurs especially Small and Medium Businesses have is that they are strapped for funds. Traditional process of giving advise through a coach or a mentor can be used once in a while and not always because the price and cost equations do not align. The expert’s time is expensive and the entrepreneur has only that much funds available. LEAP addresses this issue as well by making the experts time available to a group of entrepreneurs and using group mentoring to help address entrepreneur specific issues. LEAP provides an ongoing platform where your fellow entrepreneurs become your sounding boards.


Entrepreneurs need an edge over their competitors to thrive. While the entrepreneur might have an edge in terms of Technique, Technology and Relationships, LEAP provides you the edge on PEOPLE Capital. People employed in your organisations or your associates and partners. Are people truly engaged in your business? Are their personal passions, skills and talents aligned with the organisation’s purpose? Do your people take similar decisions as you might take when you are not around? Is it possible for you to take a month long vacation while your business is still growing without you? LEAP  provides the Mindsets and Methods needed for your team to be self driven and self organising in a simple and proven manner. LEAP provides techniques that forward looking pioneering organisations are already using around the world and this will become the norm possibly 30 years from now. As an entrepreneur you can start benefiting from these tools right away.

LEAP is an open program designed for Entrepreneurs and CXOs brought to you by Liberated Enterprise Creators LLP.

LEAP Program Components

Golden Vibe:

A 90 Min. Session with an LEC Facilitator. It is an introspection exercise, that helps you verbalize your core driver. Emotion is what drives our key decisions. However we possibly have not be able to become present to this emotion and identified it. Golden Vibe is like a voyage of discovery about yourself. Participants become very clear about:

  • Why they do what they do

  • What is the “WHY” of their business

  • What is it that they truly care about


Becoming aware of your Golden Vibe is truly liberating. With this awareness you can become very clear about your business purpose, type of people you want to add to your team, on what basis to take key decisions and you are able to communicate this easily with your team and associates so that even without you your team can make the right decisions.


The starting point for any change to happen is a set of beliefs and thoughts.

There are some key Mindsets you need to be LIBERATED in Business and have a LIBERATED TEAM.

In this full day Workshop you get MINDSETS:

  • To be LIBERATED as an Entrepreneur.

  • To LIBERATE your TEAM member. So your colleague is self driven and internally motivated.

  • To have a LIBERATED team. Which self organises and is very productive.

  • To create an organisation which the community and clients will want to thrive.

Business Success then is something that your team and your community wants for your organisation.


In this full day workshop you get equipped with tools that you and your team members can use on a day to day basis to be LIBERATED as a team. This workshop is open for the Entrepreneur and their Team members.

Methods for:-

  • Conversation between the “Boss” and team members.

  • Conversations which lead to quick results, devoid of egos, personal agendas.

  • Meetings where every team member can be fully present, contribute and produce results which is beyond what one person could possibly have done. Making the Team truly greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Decision Making rules that you can provide team members so that decision making is fast, at the time when they are needed and by the person in front of the issue, so that you as an entrepreneur are Liberated and the team member is truly engaged.


Starting from your Golden Vibe, this full day workshop, helps you become very clear about what is it that you want to create in Business.


  • Based on your Personality Style, What is your Wealth Creation Process.

  • How does your Golden Vibe, Personality Style and Skill set merge to create Business Strategy which is truly meant for you. Since it is meant for you, your competitors cannot create what you are creating.

  • How can you then enrol your team and associates and structure your organisation for scaling with ease.

  • How to align your team’s skills, passions, desires with their roles so that together you create a compelling future for oneself and for the organisation.

  • How as a result your organisation constantly evolves in line with what each of your desires are and what the community needs.

With the Golden Vibe, Mindsets, Methods and Manifestation you are equipped with all the knowledge and tools that you will need to run a LIBERATED Organisation.

You can attend the workshop in any order that you like. For Manifestation Workshop, doing the Golden Vibe before the workshop is a must.

The overall structure of LEAP is well LIBERATED. You chose what you want to sign up for, the pace at which you want to do the program and when you want to attend. Since the program got started serendipitously in 2016 more than 200 entrepreneurs and business leaders have benefited and there are several success stories of entrepreneurs and teams getting LIBERATED. Want to be one? Reach out to

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