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Leap Program Annual Subscription

It's a journey made smoother with the right tools, experience of others and advice from peers.


Peers who are business leaders and travelling the same journey.

The Annual Subscription of the LEAP Program provides you the following:-​

1. Join a LEAG

Liberated Enterprise Advisory Groups, are collectives of business leaders who are in the process of implementing LEC Practices.

It is the best way to support and guide each other, through shared experience and clarity. 

2. Form your Own LEAG

No single person has all the answers, but as a group, the answer will arise.

Form a LEAG with like minded individuals of various backgrounds but similar journeys. Find solutions to challenges that arise while creating your liberated enterprise. 

3. Free Workshops

Attend all the Workshops offered in LEAP and pay just the venue charges and incidentals.


This includes Mindsets, Methods, Manifestations and Chargers.

4. Exclusive Leapian Workshops

Access to Workshops and Events solely organised for LEAPians (Those who have taken this subscription)

5. Access to Experts and Mentors

Access to Experts/Mentors to guide you on how best to use the program and lead you to the best resources.

6. Mentor Others

Share and Document your own experiences in the Liberated Enterprise Journey and mentor others.

This helps you hone your own knowledge and develop expertise on the various tools available in the program.


The Annual Subscription is Rs. 30,000/- or Rs. 2,500/- per month.

This amount needs to be paid upfront. 

There is also an EMI option available from various bank credit cards.

These options are available in the payment link below. 

In anticipation of you joining the program,

We wish you all the success in creating a Liberated Enterprise!!

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