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The enterprise of the Future needs to have highly engaged employees and scale gracefully just like a living organism.

Today's Organisations, much Like a Machine:

  • Depend too much on a few 'Dynamo' Leaders

  • Get limited to their original blueprint and become obsolete

  • People feel like cogs in a wheel

The organisation of the Future, Like a Living Organism needs to:

  • Have self organizing teams

  • Constantly evolve and adapt based on the environment

  • Have highly engaged people who deliver extraordinary results

Want To Know how to Breathe life

into your organisation?

Join us for the Liberated Enterprise Creators (LEC) Seminar

26th April, Friday

In BANGALORE 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Followed by Dinner

At This Seminar You Will Get Insights on:

  • High performing organisations which are Self Managing and Evolving

  • Organisation design where people take ownership for growth

  • Creating an environment where people are charged up, happy and deliver phenomenal results

  • Create a lean, nimble, flexible, scalable, innovative organisation in a simple manner

  • Creating an organisation of the future which thrives in today's Uncertain and Complex world

  • How to do what you love, while the team loves what they do

  • Creating an organisation that is a manifestation of your deepest desire that fulfills a need of the society 

...In Short, Create a Liberated Enterprise

Over 200 Entrepreneurs are already Liberating themselves and their organisations by adopting these practices
LEC is a self managed, evolving movement of Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Organisation Development Professionals on a mission to unleash the full potential of people in the workplace
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