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Does this sound familiar to you?

As an entrepreneur, you feel stuck. You know that you are capable but are unable to reach the same success as other famous entrepreneurs. You're trapped;
you know that you're a diamond, but don't know how to shine.

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This is because

You're trying to be someone else. You try to replicate other people's success, but there are many ways to build a business. You're left with contradictory advice and none of it seems just right. 

Which means

That your business is at a standstill. You can't see a clear way forward, stuck dealing with the same situations over and over.

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entrepreneur feeling alone_edited.jpg


You're left frustrated and tired, wondering what went wrong. You may even begin doubting your passion and abilities as an entrepreneur. 

How do you find out what to do next?

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you need the right tools

To uncover the diamond within and shine. These tools reveal the Entrepreneurial Instinct within you- the natural value that you add to others. Don't try to build your business like someone else- build it so that you will thrive!

Align your 'Why'
& your business

When your business is aligned to your Entrepreneurial Instinct, the way forward is not only clear but fulfilling. LEC tools have helped over 167 entrepreneurs get unstuck and prosper.

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Start moving forward

LEC tools help you take actionable steps to build the business you've always envisioned, while freeing yourself in the process. 

Feel Fulfilled in your work and life

Join the Instinct Session

Join the Instinct Session

A FREE online Zoom session | 12th June | 7PM-8PM IST

A 1 hour session to understand what Entrepreneurial Instinct is all about and

how you can harness it.

Learn tools and concepts you can use to build a successful business aligned to your natural instinct.

US (Los Angeles)

6:30 AM

Thailand (Bangkok)

8:30 PM

US (Houston)

8:30 AM


9:30 PM

UK (London)

2.30 PM

India (IST)

7:00 PM

Dubai (UAE)

5:30 PM

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Lead Mentor

Balaji Pasumarthy

After graduating from IIT-Madras and 
IIM-Bangalore, Balaji began his first job at a
large, reputed multinational company...
...only to find himself feeling trapped, demotivated and sapped of energy. There had to be a better way.

Thus began a 29+ year long journey as an entrepreneur and a quest to create Liberated organisations and feel fulfilled as an entrepreneur.

the Instinct Session

A FREE online Zoom session | 12th June | 7PM-8PM IST

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